Network Services

Redundent name servers are available. In case of a server or network issue at the Web server’s data center, these extra name servers help ensure that email will still be delivered if you use a 3rd party email service (such as G Suite or Outlook). If the primary server becomes unavailable, the Website may not load, but email server lookups (MX records) will still be available. If you have email hosted on the Web server, email will be temporarily unavailable.

Minimum requirements (primary web server in Virginia) (alternate location in Dallas)

Additional redundancy (alternate location in NYC) (alternate location in San Francisco)

Aliases to ns1 (alternate IP to ns1) (alternate IP to ns1)

A domain requires a minimum of two domain servers listed with the domain registrar. To benefit from this redundancy, you should use and at a minimum… including and as backup name servers provides four distinct servers for DNS lookups.,,, and are all distinct servers. and are aliases for… but are alternate IP addresses.

Alternatively, you can host your own DNS records (such as at your registrar’s name servers), pointing to your hosting IP address. You can find your hosting IP address in your cPanel.


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